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Virtual Reality Findings – The thrilling disappearance of the digital age

Mysteries, thrills, surprises, touches, and humor – can wrap the story in Searching for these words.

It has been a long time since the Paranormal Activity that a low-budget movie of the found-footage category achieved such commercial and critical success. However, in contrast to most other horror-themed found-footage films and portrayals that take place through a camera lens, Virtual Revelation tells a thrilling detective story through the screen of the set. Information technology such as laptop, telephone, security camera; With applications, familiar sites like Skype, Google Chrome, Facebook, Instagram, Yahoo! Messenger, etc. This is not a new idea as we previously had two Unfriended movies with the same setup. However, the new Virtual Tactics is the first film to use this narrative success and experience that the film brings much more valuable than what is seen through the trailer.


Picture: Variety

The first feature film by director / scriptwriter Aneesh Chaganty and also the first drama in the history of Hollywood using the original Asian actor, Virtual Traces revolve around the story of the father David Kim (John Cho plays) finds her 16-year-old daughter Margot (Michelle La) after she suddenly disappears without leaving any clues. Although local authorities rushed in to track down Margot’s whereabouts, David decided to conduct his own investigation. And his support tool is the only thing her daughter left – her laptop.

From here, David discovered many secrets that he never knew. After the death of his wife (David Sara Sohn), David rushed into work and no longer care about the daughter. The distance between him and Margot gradually farther away he did not know. It was only when he discovered these secrets that he realized that he was not a psychological parent like himself.

The film also incorporates the whodunit factor (who is the culprit) most commonly found in detective films, combined with the plot-twist series to entice audiences to stick to the storyline, taking them from curiosity to reality. Other. Even the most found-footage “stigmata” may be forgetting that throughout the film, they are just watching a story recounted on an electronic screen. Has Margot left home? Suicide? Kidnapped Crap? Or someone other than the motive behind the incident? Audiences will speculate along with David throughout the course of the film and also will surprise, shocked him when the veil mystery was revealed. Not to be outdone as some critics compare film content as a modern version of the classic detective novels by Alfred Hitchcock.


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Besides the mysterious, thrilling elements often found in detective stories. The film also cleverly embraces humorous, moving messages that are rarely seen in other found-footage films. Finding the True Tears for the viewer needs to know more about family affection, spending real time with loved ones because the consequences for indifference are unpredictable. Many people can see their own image in the protagonist’s line, who have a pretty close, ordinary and easy-to-sympathize story.

And of course, with the story told through the screen of the laptop, the phone; along with the use of familiar, social networking applications; The film also raises a very interesting issue. These are the benefits and disadvantages of information technology in today’s society. The laptop plays a very important role in helping David find his daughter, but also the source of the problem. The Internet is clearly a double-edged sword as to what the film wants to convey. If utilized properly, it will be a useful tool in our lives. But if you dive into the darkest corners of the world and separate yourself from the real world, you will not be able to anticipate what you must embrace.

Picture: Vox

Picture: Vox

The Virtual Tramp is a movie suitable for both generations of audiences. You can go with your parents or children, enjoy the story in Virtual Quest and reflect on the diverse messages that the film brings. After two parts of Unfriended was banned in Vietnam, our country fans will have a new feeling when first seen this type of improved footage found-footage on the big screen.

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