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Small Wizard – Interesting enough for young viewers, not sure enough attractive to cling to adults.

The Little Witch was adapted from the famous German novel by the same name, written by Otfried Preussler. It is no wonder that the target audience is so clear: young children between the ages of 13 and 14 are back. So if watching a movie from a child’s point of view, the movie seems very interesting and colorful.

The 127-year-old “Baby” (uncredited character in the movie) follows the world of a true witch. Because she was not old enough to attend the Brocken Mountain ball at Walpurgis Night – the annual gathering of witches, so she risked attending, but was finally “grabbed” the neck. In order to participate, she was forced to accept the challenge: within a year she had to memorize 7892 incantations in her magical book. However, it seems that it is not easy for the Little Sorcerer to meet all sorts of troubles from Aunt Rumpumpel and other old witches who want to prevent her from coming to the festival.


The Little Wizard brings many familiar images of the witches we commonly know. (IMDb)

The Little Mermaid has a lot of nostalgic memories of teen magical movies in the 90s and 2000s that the Vietnamese audience is no stranger to. If the movie premiere earlier than the small screen version, it even has the potential to become a TV drama attractive to the audience 8x, 9x children in the past because the internet has not developed so fast and. The “child” of that time still believe in many color duties of a fairy world as in the movie.

Memories with 8 old cartoon attached to childhood 8x, 9x offline!

The film brings the familiar image of the witch we used to be: tall, riding broom, nose, acne, dirty and cruel clothes, often with a pet followed by a cat. or crows, good witch, bad witch … Although the characters in the movie are familiar to the degree of cliche, but the story of the Little Wizard to explore the magical world in the movie is quite interesting, rain forks, hurricanes from where to go, milk bath and honey, oven to play music …


Little wizards have learned magic while helping the people around. (IMDb)

These details can bring laughter to those who have not yet had internet or tiktok poisoning, still love the story of magic, myths and the first time seen on the film. The film also has a lot of gentle messages about friendship, about the bad, the good … soothing and not difficult to understand for young children. The Little Mermaid is similar to other teenage characters, impulsive, rebellious but smart and good, eventually learning a real lesson in life.

However, if you are an adult audience and expect a movie that is a little more “sophisticated” then this probably is not for you. The film is a bit long and the climax, mainly by the foot of the Little Wizard of Magic or go help the people and young people around. We always know that the Little Mermaid will overcome all the challenges, protect his friends and courageously fight the old witch dangerous. There is nothing new, but one thing is commendable that the climax is finally quite attractive, enough to make you have to wonder what the main character will do in the end.


The movie has bright and colorful images. (IMDb)

The color bright and beautiful film a true movie children, tricks temporarily, not the form of blockbuster should also not be better. In addition, this is a German version of the English version of the voice is not very natural voice and a bit uncomfortable. Actors are not worth anything because the film does not have much content.

This film is just enough entertainment for the family, so that the parents take the children to see with, relax the moment comfortable, cute and not have to think too much. Not a bad choice next to Shark Super Shamrocks do not match the quality of a blockbuster.

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