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Review Venom – Temporary content, skill

Venom has been hot ever since the first news came out, especially Marvel’s fans – they were very eager to see what would happen in this movie, while with the viewers watching the movie. Often expect to be satisfied with the horrible killings.

Movie content

Venom gave Khen Film the impression that this would appear to be the next part of Life, and viewers will easily see that the content of Venom can be traced back to life. Earth.


Eddie Brock was a good television personality, but after humiliating a boss of a large corporation, he was fired. Determined to find the truth behind the cover of the corporation, Eddie seemed unlikely to encounter any barriers because a female doctor working in the other corporation actively contacted him to provide Provide credible evidence of many terrible things being covered. As he enters the lab to collect evidence, Eddie is infected with a particular parasite and becomes a dangerous symbiosis.

The first 20 minutes of the film is quite boring and slow progress, but fortunately there are more details later, and reveal a few “flip” to make interesting. movie. Venom also jokes the audience through teasing jokes Eddie.

Actors and Actresses

The role of Venom / Eddie was given to British actor Tom Hardy. The actor became known to the audience after a breakthrough in acting as Eames in Inception (2010) directed by Christopher Nolan. Unlike other superheroes in the Marvel Universe, Venom is not exactly a warrior who represents justice, there is always the torment in his character, the uncompromising struggle between good and evil, between salvation. and destroy all. Eddie’s character evolves from anger, resistance, acceptance to the compromise through skillful acting of Tom Hardy. Audience absolutely have the right to believe that in the next appearance will Venom will maintain and promote the “national tradition” to make clear that he is the predecessor of Spider-Man.


Sound, image, technique

Venom will surely satisfy the passion of the viewer of the audience. Each of Venom’s teeth is shown in detail, with the tongue abrasive ready to swallow anyone it encounters. However, in terms of sound, things do not seem to be perfect, here the movie talks about the details and the use of multi-channel sound system, but the sound intensity is completely met. expected. In battle scenes, although the sound is loud but lacking in detail, it is as if only a few types of sounds are used. It’s also difficult for viewers to recognize sound-orientated effects through a surround sound system.


Should not see Venom or not?

If you are a fan, there is nothing to sell, just buy the tickets right away, and do not miss the last two credits. For those of you who do not know who Venom is, it’s a good time to find out, watching movies, being more entertaining than acting.

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