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Review movie The Pool: When people ran aground

The Pool, produced by Thailand, is a film about the struggle for survival, not the horror film as many of you think. Two people, a crocodile and a 6-meter deep pool are exhausted, what will they have to do to escape?


The Death Pool depicts Day’s and Koy’s struggling struggles as they get stuck in the bottom of a 6-meter deep pool that has dried up. Koy forgot to sleep in a swimming pool, his girlfriend also shared the fate of slipping down when the pool is running out. Both must find ways to escape the body under the pressure of time, drinking water, food. More dangerous, a crocodile has “accidentally strayed” into the pool, causing the life of young couples like hanging a thousand hair.

The feeling that this movie gives to the audience is curiosity and pain. Curiosity is because they do not know how to get the characters to climb out of the pool, where they will eat to live, where to drink, how Koy can save girlfriend when she fell beat hard on hard concrete floor. In addition to stimulating the curiosity of the audience, the movie Death Lake also portrayed the true and extremely painful accidents that the two actors encounter, from the girlfriend was beaten to the head The nail is torn apart with blood, or, more dramatically, the crocodile’s bite. Every time you see the actor bleeding you will also shiver before the honest performance of the two main actors. Films with simple scenes and less actors will often put a lot of pressure on the crew because they will have to build a situation where the audience does not feel bored, and fortunately, That way, they have a way of telling stories not so dramatic but can keep the audience until the last minute.


The crocodile in the film looks very real, you will not initially know the computer or use real animals to spin, but later, when there are a few defects the image is revealed, you will easily Know that is the image created by computer. With close-up shots, the crocodile looks slightly stiffer in terms of motion and virtual illusion, less consistent with the surrounding landscape. The soundtrack in the movie is quite normal but sometimes it feels startled, even with familiar sounds like the dog barking, so you should be prepared to receive a few scenes. .

Swimming Pool Death is not too excellent, do not show off, show off the chest, but the content of the building is shaking, can convince the audience that the process of escape the two main characters are absolutely not. Simply, you should arrange a time to watch this movie

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