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Review movie Malicious: not afraid enough!

Malicious is a horror movie that combines elements of suspense from the United States, and like other horror films, the story begins when someone moves. It revolves around a mysterious force in a house that always clings to a couple and makes them panic.


The Devil he personally has, it has less attractive trailer compared to Elizabeth Harvest and I Still See You, and indeed when watching the movie is not What is the better trailer? The story tells of a couple moving to a new house where the husband will teach mathematics to a local university. Devil Devil is a bit different in terms of content compared to the general thriller motif, the other movie usually after moving into a new house, immediately the dark forces in that house will rise and kill each other. one person Meanwhile the Devil Devil is going the other direction, the devil comes from a gift, namely a box that the wife’s sister sent for the occasion of the house.

The content is not boring, but the opposite is a bit mysterious, attractive. Unfortunately, that strength is not well used, as evidenced by the slow pace of the movie and the lack of a climax that makes the audience feel dizzy, leaving the scene, the king is guilty. Most of the scarecrows are the sounds you are used to in other horror movies: thunder, a book falling on the floor, strange sound, music, baby crying. All these sounds appear many times, but not enough money to the audience to feel the fear of watching the film Spit. And the picture is not much better, the ghost look is not scary and funny, maybe with $ 3.5 million is not difficult to produce a good movie.

Actors Bojana Novakovic (as Lisa) and Josh Stewart (Adam) are quite good, the fear is evident in each of the lines as well as the facial expressions, plus the support. Delroy Lindo (as Dr. Clark) will help you feel this film, though not scared but enough to entertain for weeks, especially in the time when the movie theater is bleak and Not very attracting audiences.


The bloody details, the violence seems to be minimized in the film, and until the end, you still can not know the true origin of the black power, and how to completely destroy it. It’s not clear yet. Compilation of the above factors, Prada Film will give this film 5.5 / 10, the film is temporarily watched by the end and the end is quite difficult to understand.

Audience’s comments (which Khen Film heard after watching):

What the hell?
It’s all over, hello, hello understand anything.
Mama, the film is not afraid of anything.

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