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Review of The House with a Clock in Its Walls

The fantasy films on magic, witch is always the subject expected by the audience, this week The House with a Clock in Its Walls is a house with a magic clock will be a highlight in the list of The movie is in theaters this September. The review of the movie The House with a Clock in the Walls does not reveal the content of the film so you can rest assured reading review and movie theater full movie

As a fan of the magical series such as Harry Potter, The Sorcerer Apprentice (2010) or Stardust (2007) you will definitely not be missed The House with a Clock in Its Walls. The movie is not too new but bring to the world of magical fantasy and very attractive.


The house has a magic clock is the story of the boy Lewis Bernavelt orphaned parents after an accident. Lewis is brought to live with his uncle Jonathan who is a witch in a house with strange architecture. Lewis uncovered Jonathan’s house full of mysteries with countless clocks clambering around the clock – one of them a magic watch. Curious that Lewis Bernavelt and Jonathan during the discovery of the watch were swept up in the adventure of saving the world from the danger of the magic clock caused.

The familiar motifs and linear plot should make the content quite predictable, and the audience will be able to visualize how it ended up when watching more than half of the movie. But for a magical adventure film like The House has a magic clock, the end is not the “magnet” keeps the audience lingered to the end of the film, which is how the director built the magic world , how to handle unexpected situations and cleverness of the characters. The movie is a combination of fantasy elements, adventure with the phase of dramatic meeting and a little humor. Especially the last episode is suspense, causing both sudden and unexpected audience can not take their eyes off the screen.


Family movie genre adventure, but there are quite a lot of intimidation with pictures and sounds that startled you, although not enough money like a horror movie but also to make you heart beat. Therefore, Cinema Corner does not encourage parents to children under 10 years old to the cinema.

Visual effects in movie at acceptable level. It uses a lot of magic to create magic effects and perspective, so some sections look a little virtual but in return create a unique and eye-catching magic world.

In addition to the plot, the cast may be the factor pulling the audience to the cinema. Jack Black and Cate Blanchett on the side of a cold side can not seem to match but in this movie is very good. Jack Black is still funny and “muddy” as always. In this appearance should have been a hard-hearted uncle, Jack Black’s character Jonathan is like a second kid-the second body of the film always presents good games and cough. humor. In contrast to Cate Blanchett, she has a complete ripeness from an evil sister in “Thor Rangarok”, into this film to become a smart but equally humorous neighborhood.


Jack Back’s Jack Barber’s return to the film, after years of absence from the screen, turned out to be a joke but made him laugh. Jack is still so, still funny style as always but the taste of the audience today is very different. Jack’s case is quite similar to Adam Sandler two actors of the same time, the same style but now can not make the audience laugh. They are still just can not change themselves to catch up the film market constantly change.

In a nutshell, the house with a clock in its walls is a good and exciting family film that has an element of adventure, drama and humor. Excellent rating, but not enough movie so you can not take your eyes off the screen a second. If you love fantasy movies with magic and mysterious creatures go to the cinema to see the House has a magic clock. Hope you like this movie review!

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