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Review The Grinch – When Christmas is stolen

The Grinch takes audiences to an early snow-white Christmas, fir trees with sparkling lights and dozens of gifts, all nested into one full movie. colors, containing many messages about love between people.


With Illumination and Universal Pictures, The Grinch is the eighth cartoon to be released, based on the book How the Grinch Stole Christmas! For those who do not know about Illumination, try to remember if you are obsessed with yellow dwarf or banana (Minion), which is one of the characters make up of this brand. Returning to The Grinch, while the villagers are engrossed in decorating and preparing for Christmas, high on the mountain, in a cave, the Grinch lives with his pet dog, and in particular, he is very hated Christmas. . Unable to enjoy the bustle of the holidays, the green Grinch plans to break the holiday season of the villagers. But things are not simple, his plot failed when the impact of “small but powerful forces.

The Grinch poster

The Grinch only has some comedy, laughing and rustic because using familiar words in everyday life, there is no deep meaning, just listen to the voice is understood immediately. But unfortunately, the Vietnamese dubbed is not very good. Many times the dialogue is overwhelmed by music, or the voice is so fast that the audience does not understand the intent of the character. In return, the graphics of the film is very beautiful, wet eye and shimmer thanks to the snow background has helped highlight the other details. Grind or tail of the reindeer are detailed, combined with the smoothness of the movement makes the film much easier to watch, although the story is still simple, lack of drama. calculated. The messages and lessons that are brought into the film are no longer new, it’s the way people treat each other, and the loneliness or sentiment that a child gives to his beloved mother.

The Grinch is suitable for you to see if you have a family, or lead children to see it will feel more fun than going to see alone. Christmas will be peaceful and come to the end when the film ends, a beautiful ending and you can rely on it to teach your children better, young people, borrowing others words will be easy. teach more.

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