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Christopher Robin – “You’ll always be in my heart”

Doing nothing often leads to the best.

It’s a saying that does not make sense to Pooh’s bear with Christopher Robin, but it’s really a very useful advice. And this sentence seems to fit the movie. Christopher Robin has no intention of creating something new or shocking. The movie is simply another adventure for Pooh bears and the friends and messages that the movie wants to send are for audiences of all ages, as deep as the lessons from the books. by AA Milne.

Christopher Robin is the story of Christopher as he grew up as a family man with his wife Evelyn and daughter Madeline, but lost himself when it took on adult responsibilities. Will the return of Pooh miraculously and the help of friends like Eeyore, Tigger, Piglet, … can help Christopher return to the beautiful time in the past?


Christopher Robin’s opening was perhaps one of the best opening chapters in Disney’s live action movies when director Marc Forster (Monster’s Ball, Finding Neverland, Stranger Than Fiction, World War Z, etc.) The classic Pooh and Christopher dialogue in The House at Pooh Corner has been transformed a bit in the movies, such as The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (1977) or Pooh’s Grand Adventure: The Search for Christopher Robin (1997). The dialogue would have made those who watched Pooh from the storyline shed tears recalling the adventures of friends in the Hundred Acre Wood and making new audiences aware. This lovely bear must be curious about his friendship with Christopher Robin.
The beginning also did a great job in telling the viewers important events that took place in Christopher’s life until he grew up harmoniously combining real life scenes and images. In the pages of the book, there is Pooh’s touching scenes as he waits for Christopher to return to the woods through the door of the magic tree while the five months pass. Although Pooh is just a teddy bear, he is no different from us because he always waits for Christopher, his dear friend to come back so they can have fun together. We forget a lot of things but quickly forget important things and even Christopher Robin is no exception.

Ewan McGregor (who played Obi-Wan Kenobi in three Star Wars prequels) successfully transformed into a Christopher Robin obsessed with work that forgot his family as well as his friends of the year. old. The color of the gray film was no different from Christopher’s humanity at the time, and between the crowds and the gloomy atmosphere of London after World War II, we could not recognize Christopher. Have fun playing in the forest model. Perhaps the so-called responsibility of an adult person makes people forget their childish nature, as in the film The Prince of Youth (2015), adults are only interested in numbers , effectiveness and success. If you look closely, Christopher and the little girl in Prince Tu are no different.

Christopher was sent to boarding school while she was living under a plan her mother had set up to be able to pass a prestigious school. Both are not enjoying what a child should have that is fun to play with. Christopher’s daughter Madeline is played by talented young actor Bronte Carmichael. Her father is too focused on work to be able to spend time with his wife and children. Referring to Christopher’s wife Evelyn, Hayley Atwell (Peggy Carter in MCU) has done a great job of portraying a beautiful, yet very humorous, and loving wife.

And if the old pilot was able to help the little girl in Prince’s Child find that joy, the Pooh bear had a similar role to Christopher. Pooh (voiced by the familiar voice of Jim Cummings) is really a friend that we all need, whether he’s real or not. In Pooh we see the sincerity and great heart of a true friend. Details Pooh recognized Christopher Robin immediately after all these years, though other animals in the woods could not recognize him showing that Pooh always remembered what he had promised Christopher. Pooh’s silly but deeply philosophical statements, coupled with Jim Cummings’ warm voice, have made the generation of viewers tickled by this beloved bear and his return. The film will surely bring Pooh to more people’s lives, and that’s not a bad thing.

When Disney announced they would make a live action movie about Winnie the Pooh, many thought that the children’s studio was taking advantage of their childhood memories to make money the way they did with the movie. recent live action movie. But in fact, the characters that A. A. Milne created are not like the princesses in fairy tales. These are the characters that we all can sympathize with because each of them has a different personality that exists in us. Piglet is a scared, shy piglet. Eeyore is a fool who plays “see what he says”, his first answer will be “Shame, shame and humiliation.” Tigger is a rising tiger who always jumps around and when. Also sing about yourself.


These characters have come into the memory of so many generations and the purpose of the film is to create it continues to introduce Pooh and his friends to the next generation, creating beautiful memories for them through adventures and valuable lessons. As in Christopher Robin’s movie The Templar, when Christopher went to war with the soldiers in the war, they told Christopher that the book his father had helped them retain some of his memories of his age. poem.

One more detail that the writer would like to mention is the image of the animals in the movie. The crew used real cotton animals on the set and hired each actor to direct the animals and then use the technology to remove them and create more soft movements for the animals. . This gives the real actors a better interaction with the opposite characters and creates a more real, natural feel. And it’s a pity that the song was composed by half of the Sherman Brothers, the famed Richard M. Sherman, but was not used in the ending of the movie, which was only played in the credits. If the song was sung by Pooh himself or just played at the ending, the movie would be a lot better. Anyway, you can hear a bit of it below at the 43rd episode of the behind the scenes movie:

Pooh and Christopher Robin are probably the friends and movie the audience needs right now to remind us of the really important things in life. Go to the cinema right now and bring your family, relatives and friends to Christopher’s adventure, Pooh’s Bear and friends!

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